Il Dono del Massaggio – Oxana Cretu

Il Dono del Massaggio – Oxana Cretu

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About Me

Massage Intuition and Passion

It all started with an intuition when I felt that massage could be my way.

Through the touch of my hands, to the theoretical and technical preparation and to the passion, I can now transmit benefits to people, as a gift.

The treatments I propose are the result of a journey, of acquiring skills.

A daily and constant commitment, to know the customer in the best way and offer him the solution that best suits his needs.

Training and Technique Diplomata masseuse

With the massage I do my best to relieve the body from pain, to defatigate it and to relax it.

Movements and manipulation aim to give the person a feeling of complete well-being, both physical and mental.

I am a certified masseuse, with preparation in numerous massages, including sports massage, Thai massage, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage and Kirei and Kobido.

Who I am

They are of Moldovan origin, have a degree in Jurisprudence (Free International University of Moldova), and training in Italy in Law (University of Verona) for two academic years.

With a first course of massage I had the intuition of having great potential in my hands, as a gift.

This discovery, together with my passion, allowed me to take a new path to become a holistic operator of wellness.

Training and Work

My training course has developed in about three years, starting from the massage course of Francesco Mancuso, up to the professional school of massage Diabasi and the Synapsy School of Studies ("Massager Capo Bagnino and Hydrotherapeutic Establishments" - Massotherapist). In 2017 I worked at the Terme di Sirmione S.p.A. as an attendant inhalations, muds and massages.
Thanks to the courses I followed I was able to create the foundations for my profession and specialize in some treatments such as Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Myofasciale and Kirei-Kobido.  View Certificates »

I also attended the Wall Street English School to improve my English and be able to work with an international clientele.
Spoken languages: Moldovan, Italian, English, Russian

Interest and Passions

Personal growth
Natural food
Financial intelligence