Il Dono del Massaggio – Oxana Cretu

Il Dono del Massaggio – Oxana Cretu

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GIVE YOURSELF A MOMENT OF relaxation wellness happiness

Discover the benefits of massages and treatments and contact me for an initial free check-up

Massage is a good way to return to yourself, to regain possession of your body, mind and soul.

Touching a body with massage is an honor.
Know how to listen to it even more.
Massage is an art as old as man is old.
I believe it is the art of love, of knowledge and of healing.

"Water for the tree is like a massage for humans. Lifeblood. The massage is not a "placebo". Massage is contact. Contact is healing. "

(Khalis Prem)

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The Benefits of Massage Mental and Physical

If practiced regularly - thanks to scheduled sessions - the massage can help you relieve many physical and emotional problems.
The main benefits are the liberation of tensions, the renewed energy and an enlightened mind, the increase in self-esteem; the relief from mental and physical fatigue; the elimination of chronic tension in the neck and shoulders. You will be able to reduce muscle spasms and spasms and eliminate the waste products that accumulate in the muscles after having performed intense exercises in order to avoid inflammation and pain.

Massages My Personalized Treatments



The Kobido, youth

We often ignore the potential of facial massage, thinking that everything is reduced to an aesthetic treatment.

Kobido is an excellent tool to intensify the natural color of the skin and rebalance vital energies, through specific massage techniques, reducing the signs of aging.


Relaxing, decontracting and toning treatments

There are many basic and specific treatments, but I like to think that massage is not bound to pure theory.

Therefore, when I start working, if during a type of massage I encounter other problems, together with the client I can decide to personalize the treatment. The practical and sensory aspects are essential for an effective massage.



Dissolve contractures, relax tensions.

At the base of the back treatment is the decontracting massage, which reduces muscle and joint tensions.

The treatment extends to the cervical area, also working on the trigger points, the points of accumulation of tensions that often arise in pain.


Decontratturante pre e post gara e Linfodrenaggio Vodder

Il trattamento decontratturante alle gambe prepara l’atleta alla gara, per prestazioni migliori; in post gara il massaggio permette di rilassare il muscolo, togliendo le tossine accumulate.

Il Linfodrenaggio Vodder applicato alle gambe ne migliora la circolazione linfatica, sgonfiandole e donando loro leggerezza.


Offer of the Month

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