The Swedish basic massage
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Swedish massage is considered in all respects “the base” of massage techniques, so much to be called “standard massage” in the English-speaking countries, Dutch and in Hungary. It is called “classic massage” in Sweden, where it has been systematized for the first time.

The Swedish physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) is in fact attributed the first systematization of massage techniques within a method, defining indications, contraindications, nomenclatures, dexterity and deontological rules.

Going abroad, in one of its stages Ling approached the Tuina, a manual therapy for body care practiced in China.

Back in Sweden he tried to mediate this eastern practice in western medicine, elaborating a kind of gymnastics for the body, recognized as a system by the Swedish government that founded the Royal Institute of Gymnastics, with Ling as director.

Despite the hostility of Orthodox doctors, Ling’s methodology became very popular and became the subject of academic courses.

For a professional masseur Swedish massage is really the basis of all the techniques that will be learned during the preparation courses.

The primary objectives of Swedish massage are:

  • general relaxation and reduction of muscle stiffness
  • the stimulation of the circulation

  • pain relief

  • the improvement of tissue oxygenation

  • removal of toxins and improvement of muscle tone.

During the massage the elimination of dead cells and the absorption of new elements nourish the skin, making it velvety and elastic.

Last but not least the aspect of well-being due to the attentions given to the client who will be enveloped in a feeling of peace and tranquility.

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