The gift of massage, massage as a gift
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When I decided to start the business, and then register the site, I had to decide a name for my project.

Many define the ability to massage art.

In part it is true that at high levels even the execution of massage maneuvers are art gestures. But for me, doing massage is above all a gift, from different points of view.

Il tempo e le competenze

With the massage we dedicate our time to another person, not only during, but also before and after.

The space in which to host the customer is prepared according to need, with order and cleanliness. Also for this reason we always recommend punctuality to appointments: after a client the study must be prepared for the next massage.

In addition, the massage minutes are the result of study, preparation and training, to always guarantee the best results.

In the massage the operator, with the maneuvers and thanks to the acquired skills, offers the person the gift of health, both physical and mental.

In fact, it is well known that massage helps the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid and that most pathological states improve if the circulation of these two vital fluids is stimulated.

When I realized that massage could become my profession

When I realized that massage could become my profession, for me it was like a gift.

The gift of massage lives within me: I discovered this potential and through massage I understood that I could help people feel good.

Through the gestures of my hands – which have a great sensitivity – and listening to the instinct I feel where I have to intervene, how I have to touch and for how long, to make sure that those who receive my massage feel better and then come to heal from only.

My method: between skill, concentration and instinct

In addition to the skills I have acquired, and which I am still implementing thanks to the courses I attend, in executing the massage maneuvers I always remain focused and I use my instinct a lot.

When we act on pure instincts we automatically come into contact with these magical forces that allow us to feel things that normally escape our consciousness. I do not allow my ego to interfere while doing the massage since this would produce a less sensitive massage.

The concentration I have come to in following my instinct allows me to feel the tension and fear hidden deep inside the receiver’s joints, muscles, organs or bones.

Sometimes I feel like a detective, able to locate the aggressor who is hiding in a joint, a muscle, an organ, a bone and I eliminate the delinquent.
The problem encountered in the recipient can be eliminated by an appropriate stroke or by exerting the appropriate pressure. Sometimes you can return to the area in question, at various times during the massage, if necessary.

A help in this sense can derive from the eulogy: when you massage a certain area I pronounce words that invite the recipient to let go and feel good. 

I always encourage the receiver to breathe deeply and I tell him: “Very good! Magnificent! Now that you let her go out! ”

We all like to hear how beautiful and magnificent we are!

Do you want to find out what are the benefits of massage? I’ll explain it in the next blog!

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